Totem Pole

Project theme:
Tools & Materials
Material List
  • Red Cedar
  • Paint
  • Oil
  • First Aid kit (due to use of sharp tools)
Tool list
  • Carving knives, Straight, curved, and planer blades
  • Chisels, small hand gouges, and ¼’’ Chisel
  • Adze, Lipped and straight adze
  • Small Pull Japanese pull Saw
  • Ruler, pencils & erasers
  • Sharpening stone
  1. Find a cedar block with the least amount of knots as possible
  2. Make the wood round and desired size
  3. Draft design on paper to get a general idea
  4. Layout design on the wood
  5. Make depth cuts with a pull saw, use the adze to remove a large chunk of unwanted wood, and get the desired shape
  6. Continue to redraw lines as they are removed
  7. When ready switch to knives and clean up
  8. Constantly clean, rough areas as needed
  9. When shaped and cleaned, draw detail lines and carve detail with finishing knives
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