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Tools & Materials
Material List
  • Hide (could be a cow, elk, mule deer, black tail, Buffalo or goat)
  • Wood, 1” x 3” spruce boards, 8’ in length
  • Laces (rawhide, sinew, paracord) Paracord is best, keeping the skin tighter on the frame
Tool list
  • Chop saw
  • Belt sander
  • Hole punch
  • Staplegun & staples (in place of laces)
  • For safety: earplugs and a mask (so you don’t inhale sawdust)
  1. Cut the boards (length determined by how many sides)
  2. Sand the wood
  3. Glue the wood pieces together to form the frame
  4. Allow the glue to dry
  5. Sand down the frame
  6. Soak the hide in a tub, for 6 – 8 hours
  7. Hole punch the hide (16 holes per hide)
  8. Put the hide into tye-dye (if you choose to add coloring to the drum)
  9. Once dry, place the hide onto the drum frame
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