Atlatl Spear Making

Project theme:
Tools & Materials
Material List
  • Parachute cord
  • River hazelwood
  • Spear point (stone or metal)
  • Goose feather
  • Sinew
Tool list
  • Handsaw
  • Knife
  • Torch/fire
  1. Select and harvest hazel wood/raw shafts (near river)
  2. Straighten and bundle (parachute cord)
  3. Let dry for 2-4 months
  4. Periodically (3-6 times) unbundle and straighten wood
  5. Skin the shaft by peeling it with a knife. Apply heat to it (with a torch) to soften it up then straighten it out
  6. Sharpen metal or stone points, fire-hardening the tip as you go. Use what’s available, whatever’s the cheapest, easiest and available – even a spoon, which can be flattened out, with the point of it created with an angle grinder
  7. Attach spear point and fletching/feathers. Preferred feathers are Hawk, Owl, and Goose feathers.
  8. Practice throwing – a lot!
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